Author Overview

Dr. Ghanshyam H. Asudani

Dr. Ghanshyam Asudani was born on 16 April 1967 in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Your entire education took place in Nagpur itself. You have been a curious and intelligent student since childhood. Despite being blind since birth, you have topped in every public examination. He obtained the title of Acharya in English Literature after completing his post graduate studies in English Literature and History subjects.

You have equal rights over English and Hindi languages. Despite teaching in English language for a long time, his interest in Hindi literature remained constant. Till now two of your books have been published in Hindi language:

1. “Journey of Sunshine” Autobiography (2008) 
2. “Astitva Ki Asmita” Story Collection (2021)
Apart from literature, you can also study in Music, Psychology, Philosophy and Tourism are of particular interest. Short story writing in literature has been a special interest of yours. Presently you are doing Teaching work in Anand Niketan Agricultural College located in Barog Maharashtra.

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