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Dr. Narendra L. Gadge, the Poet and Associate Professor has written more than 500 poems which have been published through his own books. newspapers and in International National journals and books. He is having 23 years teaching experience. He is known as the trilingual (English. Hindi, Marathi) poct of international repute. He is also a short story writer, translator an editor, free lancer and a critic. His areas of interest in English Literature are Poems and Short Stories. He has been the member of World’s Association of English Poetry, Literature Online Motivational Strips, and many other international groups of poets. He has been honored in 8. 9°10, 11 & 12 Guntur International Poetry Festivals (Andhra Pradesh) and Cultural Centre Vijayawada. He has recently received the award from Gujrat Sahitya Academy (2021) for his valuable contribution to indian poetry. He has already published his five collections of poems: Life’s Scattered Words (2015), Words from Heart’ (2016), Winged Words’ (2017) The Radiance (2018) and ‘Shabdarapi Teer'(Hindi) (2019) The Prudent Words (2020) His all books of poems have been released in Guntur International Poetry Festival. Recently his new book ‘Love and Sacrifice’ an Edited Anthology of Short Stories (2020) has been published. The Propitious Injunctions (2021) is his 9th book.

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